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If your work involves chemistry of natural or industrial aquatic systems, hydrology, bio-geochemistry, performance and/or safety assessment of waste barriers, environmental sciences, nuclear engineering, groundwater pollution, corrosion, radio-toxicology,... then CHESSlib and CHESS may be of interest to you.

CHESSlib is a speciation model specifically developed to simulate the equilibrium state of complex aquatic systems, including oxides or minerals, organics, colloids and gases. CHESS stands for Chemical Equilibrium of Species and Surfaces and is actually used in many scientific areas, notably in environmental engineering, safety and performance assessment of waste repositories and ground- and surface water pollution studies. About seven different thermodynamic databases have been made available for use with CHESSlib and they are readily extended with new species.

Designed to meet demands of the most complex chemical modelling needs, yet CHESS aims to meet requirements of modern user-friendliness. The availability of CHESS, a graphic user's interface to CHESSlib, greatly facilitates the use and brings even complex options in reach of all modelling scientists and engineers. CHESS is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux .